Canadian dating laws

08-Jul-2017 10:16

In Beyond Science, Epoch Times explores research and accounts related to phenomena and theories that challenge our current knowledge.We delve into ideas that stimulate the imagination and open up new possibilities.The Windigo Law would have these incurable deplorable s taken out behind the 'chemical shed' and put down...period.Believing the co-opted lies built around some new age BS about how everyone deserves a third chance, is just that, bovine fecal matter.

The Windigo Laws ensure The Community, The People will no longer suffer at the hands of these known and non-rehabilitated re-offenders.“There are few areas of tribal custom more inherently at odds with Canadian law than the wendigo killings,” wrote Sidney Harring in “Violent Crime in North America,” edited by Louis A. “A world of strange spirits in the forest that would kill you if you did not kill them first made complete sense to Ojibwa and Cree Indians.A traditional law that provided for that defense was fundamental to those societies.” Harring explained that Joseph Fiddle, a high-profile Ojibwa chief imprisoned for killing a woman to prevent her from becoming a wendigo, was used to set an example.The same ones "The Modern Judiciary" consistently sets free and whom the RCMP and the ' Court Jesters' aide and abet on a daily basis.

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That is exactly what the colonial pederasts wanted, and so the misogynists in law enforcement made sure it happened by declaring Native Law 'defunct' - create more lies and laws, to safeguard their own criminal activity.

Perhaps foremost among these creatures is the wendigo.

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