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27-Nov-2017 13:12

It can also map out and geotag your flights, upload your photos and videos to Parrot's AR.

Drone Academy service, and browse other users' photos and videos.

The drone doesn't have a power switch; it's activated by plugging in a battery, setting it in the battery slot, and setting the body over it. On the other hand, it means whatever you use to control it can double as a point-of-view display for the drone's onboard cameras, and that you can customize how the drone behaves based on the controls.

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The former are inexpensive toys that often cost less than 0 and are often really difficult to fly.

The battery charges with the included AC adapter, and it takes approximately an hour and a half to fully charge. Drone 2.0 Power Edition comes with two higher-capacity batteries that give you combined 36 minutes of flying time, but unless you're willing to invest in either the Power Edition or additional batteries your flights will have to be short and sweet. Drone 2.0 do barrel rolls or flips by double-tapping the screen.

It's a fun trick, but it also kills the battery quick; in my tests, after a few barrel rolls, the drone was down to less than 30 percent of battery life after only five minutes of flying.

If you have an Nvidia Shield, you can control the AR.

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Drone 2.0 with its physical analog sticks, which makes piloting the drone feel more responsive. Drone 2.0 sees through its forward- or down-facing camera in 720p quality.Two styrofoam bodies are included: an indoor body with foam rings surrounding the rotors, and an outdoor body that keeps the rotors exposed.