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In reality, Sally is a shy, Plain Jane who would really love to go out with Cliff, but Cliff is embarrassed by her looks.

Based on advice from Rebecca, Cliff decides to become Sally's Henry Higgins.

Frasier suggests that she associate smoking with the most vile act she can imagine.

As such, she tells Sam that if she smokes another cigarette, she will sleep with him.

Refurbished items may show a small amount of wear and tear as a result of shipping damage or brief use - but only products with superficial flaws are resold.

All refurbished models have been inspected to ensure that the structural integrity and function of the product remains of the highest quality. has sold over 300 refurbished tables without one complaint.

Studies suggest that inverting yourself a mere 20 degrees for even a few minutes per day can have tremendously positive effects.

We find if you are trying to decompress a seriously compressed disc, degenerated , which allows the backrest to bend accommodate your stretches for greater mobility and range of motion; an adjustable foot platform with two settings, allowing you to find the optimum position for ankle comfort and security; and an EZ Angle tether strap, which offers preset angles at 20, 40, and 60 degrees, along with custom angles depending on your preferred position.

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In the process, inversion elongates the spine, increases the space between the vertebrae, and relieves the pressure on discs, ligaments, and nerve roots.

They are the best quality, easiest to assemble and have the best warranty.

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