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09-Sep-2017 13:38

One of them, Ayman, was twirling his fork on the table when suddenly he said to me, "Look, Lisa, a case study." With the fork he pointed in the direction of two women with short hair who were sitting at a table in the corner."You really think they're prostitutes?" Case study had become our code word for a prostitute because of my academic interest in the subject. "Definitely case studies.""I just don't see it," I said with some frustration.They'll think you're a prostitute." Knowing, as I did, that my Saudi friends came to Egypt for fairly wholesome vacation fun, I thought this was an interesting allegation.I wondered: Why were these Egyptians (who never had any personal contact with Saudi tourists) convinced that Saudis were coming to Egypt to find prostitutes?

Their vacation was one long party, and in many ways they transgressed Saudi cultural norms about male-female socializing, but it was all pretty chaste. Instead of youthful dating, they imagined that Saudis came to Egypt to drink, visit prostitutes, and do everything else that was forbidden back in Saudi Arabia.

Probably lots of people look at us and say the same things about me too.""No, you don't look like a prostitute.

At the end of this rehearsal, Mattis answered questions and then dismissed the group.… continue reading »

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